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The LUFCwaffe

Racing Post - Topspeed Ratings Calculation

Can anyone tell me how these are calculated, as I can't find anything on the net.

..and possibly an example calculation against published figures

thanks in advance


once all the races are ran usually 6 or 7, he will then compare them with his standards to see how far behind or in front they are e .g -2.4 secs behind standard.he then divides it by the race distance ,so if it was a mile he would divide 2.4 by 8(8f to a mile) which gives -0.3 secs per furlong.he will do that for the whole card and then try to determine the going correction/allowoance .e.g he could have 0.3 , 0.33 , 0.39, 0.41 , 0.46, 0.56, 1.23. he will probably take the take the middlemost or median figure ,which would be 0.41.if he took a average ,the correction would be out of line ,as as you can see by the example ,the 1.23 is really slow ,probably due to a very slow pace and would mean a false going allowance.

i dont know how he applys the numbers itself ( i did know years ago how he exactly did it,but my memory seems to be fading with age),but say he awarded the winner 100, a horse 1l behind would get 98(i think he uses 2 points per length).he also adds points for each 1lb carried more or dedects for each 1lb carried less,so take noojoom for example who won yesterday at lingfield .he won by 1.25l earning 76 whilst the runner up got 78,thats because he carried 5lb more so he would of got 73 if he carried the same weight.he adjusts to 9st on the flat and 12st on the jumps.

then there is the w-f-a scale to adjsut to.if you take admilralofthefleets time compared to george washington at ascot last year,GW was 1 second fatser than AOTF because he was a 2yo running in september over a mile (that was worth 21lbs , w-f -a takes into account age,time of year and distance)so he ended up with a higher rating than GW even though he had ran slower.if you use raceforms method you will see AOTF was awarded 5 points less then GW (1 sec = 0.2secs as 1l per miel = 1point,1l over 2 miles would be worth just 1/2 a point ) i would prefer raceforms as they are pure speed ratings compared to topspeeds which are weight related speed ratings.
The LUFCwaffe


thanks for that. These figures will be more appropriate for flat racing so I'll have time to devle deeper before the flat season really gets going, though I do look at the RP figures when there are big fields as the race is likely to be run with a more fluent pace...expect in very soft conditions. Can be useful. Forum Index -> Horse Racing
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